Areas of Focus


Forward Freeport is focused on bringing new vitality to the community by focusing on the following areas:

Dairy Site

Creating a vibrant Downtown

Downtowns often serve as the heartbeat of a community. It is in the downtown where culture, arts, community and commerce collide, creating an experience that often defines the character of the city. Such is the case with Freeport. The historic corner stores, pedestrian friendly streets, and picturesque shops speak to the rich heritage of the community. The City, Freeport Downtown Development Foundation, and several community partners are committed to fostering a thriving downtown offering a unique experience to visitors and residents alike.


Tuttys bridge

Developing Riverfront recreation and amenities

A portion of the 58 mile long Pecatonica River snakes through Freeport, opening the door to diverse recreational opportunities and providing a respite from busy city life. With improved river access at key points in the City, the riverfront can continue to be a regional destination for people of all ages while preserving and protecting the natural ecosystem that makes it so attractive.



© 1999 EyeWire, Inc.Engaging and supporting Neighborhoods

Engaging the residents from Third Ward neighborhoods has been a focus of the City and supporting federal agencies. A group of Third Ward residents and community partners have come together through CAPS: Community Activities Partnership Support to identify and implement priority neighborhood improvement projects throughout the Third Ward.




Brownfields areas of focus1Redeveloping underutilized Brownfield sites

Like so many manufacturing towns rebounding after economic downturn, Freeport’s industrial heritage has left behind acres of vacant or underutilized sites with toxic histories that threaten the health of the residents and the community’s economic prospects. The City has taken an active role in promoting assessment, cleanup, and reuse of brownfield sites since the late 1990s and has been recognized for its leadership in this area by the State of Illinois and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.